ISO 21502 Project Management Training Course

What is ISO 21502?

As an enhancement of ISO 21500:2012, ISO 21502:2020 furnishes guidance designed to assist project managers and project-based organisations in the successful delivery of projects. The standard offers high-level descriptions of practices proven effective in project management.

The versatile guidance provided by ISO 21502 is applicable to any organisation and all project types. Beyond project managers and executive management, it extends its utility to project sponsors and boards, auditors, and organisations involved in crafting national or organisational standards for project management.

Additionally, project managers are needed across industries and a professional certification can be the first step toward a career focused in managing projects in specific industries, such as: 

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • XR Products and information technology (IT)
  • Education
  • Management consulting
  • Utilities
  • Government
  • Agriculture and mining
  • Oil and gas

Benefits of ISO 21502 Training with VolareVers

  • By leveraging the guidelines outlined in ISO 21502 for project management, both organisations and project managers within VolareVers can:
  • Transform Ideas into Deliverables:  Effectively translate concepts into tangible or intangible project deliverables.
  • Stakeholder Management: Successfully manage and engage stakeholders throughout project development and implementation.
  • End-to-End Project Management: Initiate, plan, implement, control, and close projects with well-defined objectives, scope, and resource allocations.
  • Change Control: Effectively control changes to projects as they unfold.
  • Adapt to Organisational Changes: Manage organisational and societal changes that impact project dynamics.
  • Risk Assessment and Management: Conduct comprehensive risk assessments related to projects and adeptly manage identified risks.
  • Continuous Learning from Project Activities: Foster a culture of continual learning derived from project management endeavours.

Learning Path

  1. ISO 21502 Project Management
  2. ISO 21502 Foundation
  3. ISO 21502 Lead Project Manager

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