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Muhammed Seles is continuing his Computer Engineering education at Gebze Technical University. Beginning in 2021, he will serve as a site and technical consultant for the Istanbul Education Summit of the Maarif Foundation. He is also a consultant for the International Businessmen’s Association’s Bosphorus Summit and the Gulf-Turkey Economic Forum. It administers the process of site and identity renewal for the municipality of Giresun. He began his career in a graphic design office, where he was exposed to print design, digital design, and a variety of animations. In the subsequent process, he worked with approximately 15 companies on international marketing and the creation of digital identities for a variety of companies, so he worked with a large number of international companies. He had the opportunity to design licenced merchandise for clubs like Inter Milan and Udinese. Between 2019 and 2021, he actively participated in the design team at TRT World Forum and assisted the organisation team. During the subsequent time frame, he produced Maarif Podcast. He served as a consultant for the video production portion of the Presidency of Communication’s 15 July 2021 video series. He worked for NGOs including Harmony and OkulDş. He oversaw the initial site and identity creation of the Goodness Championship, which is now managed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and participated in the administration of the project. Wix, Shopify, WordPress, and Tilda are among the website infrastructure services with which he has collaborated in the past to provide rapid solutions. He has a sophisticated understanding of Adobe illustrator, Photoshop, Audition, InDesign, and Figma. He is familiar with Cinema 4D, Adobe after effects, and premiere. He possesses an advanced level of English.

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