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Mert Özyılmaz received an associate degree from the Computer Programming Department of Mersin University. He has approximately ten years of experience and trained himself as an apprentice. He has been the software team team supervisor at the software company for which he has worked for seven years. He has also enhanced his team management skills and continues to do so. His native language is Turkish, and he is proficient in English as a foreign language. He is an expert in one of the software languages, JavaScript. His command of JavaScript frameworks such as NextJS, React, React Native, NestJs, and ExpressJS is exceptional. Among these frameworks, React Native is also excellent at developing mobile applications, and it has a result-oriented approach to work by entering languages such as Java for Android and Swift for iOS and making the essential developments. Additionally, he has developed applications with PHP and the Symfony framework. Aside from these, he is able to comprehend languages such as Python, C, and C#, as well as generate algorithms and offer solutions, despite not writing code. He is a full-stack developer for VolareVers and is involved in platform development. He is also the leader of the software development team.

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